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    Permission (giving/not giving permission, asking for permission)
    You may leave now; You may not leave now; May I leave now?
    You can smoke if you want to; You can’t smoke in here; Can I smoke?
    You are allowed to smoke in this room; You aren’t allowed to smoke; May I smoke?

    Offering help (asking to do something for 2nd persons)
    Shall I carry that (for you)? (¿Te llevo eso?)
    Shall we call an ambulance? (¿Llamamos a …?)
    Note: (only questions; subject: 1st persons: I, we; translated in the present)
    Una frase suelta: Can I help you?

    Asking for help (asking a 2nd p. to do something for you)
    Will you help us with these parcels? (¿Nos ayudáis …?)
    Will you go & get some chalk, please? (¿Me vas por…?)
    Note: (only questions; subject: 2nd persons: you; translated in the present)